WEIXIAN is a sulphonation/sulphation technology specialized engineering company, owns a professional engineers and technicians team dedicate for feasibility analysis, design&engineering, turnkey plant and key equipment supply, old plant renovation/upgrade, installation, commissioning and other technical services. In the last 30 years, WEIXAIN has carried out over 200 projects worldwide, including two world's largest 7.5tph plants.


WEIXIAN has set up a dedicated department for after-sales service & spare parts, which provides in-time spares supply and online technical supports anytime needed. Technicians can be dispatched to anywhere in the world within 72 hours.


Since the first pilot plant built in 1995, WEIXIAN has accumulated extensive data and experiences on LABSA, HABSA, SLES, SLS, AOS, MES etc manufacturing technologies. R&D has always been our focus, so far, WEIXIAN possesses mature engineering and design for plant capacity up to 10000kg/h. Our technology advantages are as followings:


  • Continuous SO3 Multitube Film Sulphonation Reactor: adopting high precision and consistency manufacturing process for better reaction tube finish degree; result in half dioxane content and minimum free oil. Designed for 25 years serving life.


  • Unit 79 Neutralization and Dioxane Stripping: pioneering technology featured in producing ≦ 2ppm ultra-low dioxane SLES-2EO; and up to 40% overproduction ability.


  • Unit 68 Three Stage Waste Heat Recovery: realizes plant steam and hot water self-sufficient.


  • Unit 69 Reaction Heat Recovery: reduces power consumption by 15% by generating double steam driving Lithium-bromide chiller and replacing electric chiller.


  • Unit 38 Waste Water Crystallization: realizes alkali washing water ZERO discharge by taking full advantage of balance hot air.


  •  Exhaust Gas Circulation Process: reduces exhaust gas discharge by 96%.


  • Other know-hows: new process for cold start-up without external steam; suspension type main blower saving 10% overall power; vertical static no back-mixing aging vessel maximizing A.M.; disk type ESP with never-break cathode while plant running; floating-head SO2 cooler with high temperature part protection design; SO3 tubular cooler with non-clogging design; Unit 37 Alkaline Washing Solution Gypsum Precipitation replaces caustic soda usage and reduces cost by half; 70% AOS production process.


Focus comes from the love of what we are doing, since 21st century, WEIXIAN is leading the innovation and progress of sulphonation/sulphation technology. We are aiming to serve investors from all over the world; choosing WEIXIAN is your optimal solution for investing state-of-the-art plants.

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