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    WEIXIAN sulfonator adopts multi-tube falling film reactor. Capacity range is from 1-tube to 240-tube (10t/h). Since 1995, WEIXIAN has supplied hundreds of sulfonators, including 20+ with the capacity over 5t/h. WEIXIAN has successfully applied two world largest 7.5t/h sulfonators in by 2023.   1. Organic material distribution system in the head of reactor   After calibration, the flow deviation reaches ±1.5%. The distribution head and nozzles are one-time clamped processed and formed by a CNC machine to ensure that the tolerance of major dimensions reaches ± 0.005mm, and minor dimensions ± 0.01mm.   2. Finish degree of reaction tube inner wall   Regarding the reaction tubes, high precision cold rolling and annealing are applied, and processed under a 1040℃ vacuum condition to remove inter-molecular stress. Those treatments make sure the inner and outer surfaces’ finish degree of each tube reaches level Ra0.4 (like a mirror); the deviation of the inner and outer diameter of the reaction tube is controlled at less than ± 0.02mm.   3. The welding and flaw detection method of the distribution head and the reaction tube   High-frequency welding + argon arc welding are applied between the distribution head and the reaction tube. The welding form is fillet welding. The flaw detection method is nondestructive testing. For each tube, we applied 0.6Mpa hydrostatic test and endoscopic exploration for weld formation and inner pipe accuracy testing.   4. Concentricity of three tube sheets   All three tube sheets are processed with the same coordinate in the machining center. Tube concentricity tolerance reaches ± 0.01mm. All three tube sheets will be stacked and fixed together according to the installation position and checked each holes by inspection mandrel one by one with concentricity deviation less than ± 0.01mm.     5. Sealing reliability   5.1 The cooling water sealing between the shell side upper section and middle&lower section The cooling water enters into the second and third parts and exits from the third part of sulfonator. The first (upper) part has to be strictly isolated to ensure the separated circulation of chilling water (15℃), which is crucial for better product quality, especially for AOS.   5.2 The two-way sealing between sulfonator upper part SO3 and organic material In tube sheet 1, the compressing screw head adopts a combined screw head + three combined gaskets type, which forms a reliable two-way sealing. It realizes 100% isolation of the oleum and prevents rusting and leaking.   5.3 The sealing of cooling water between the distribution head and shell side Adopting a new type of sealing structure greatly improves the pressure resistance of the shell side. The shell side test pressure can be greater than 0.6Mpa, and the water is able to return with pressure. All sealing parts are made out of special fluororubber O-rings, with 100% sealing efficiency, and lifetime replacement free.   5.4 The sealing of cooling water between the reaction tube’s lower part and the shell side Applied fluororubber O-rings, the sealing efficiency is 100%, and lifetime replacement free.   6. Other Technical advantages of our sulfonator   6.1 Extended operation period: LABSA continuous production period reaches 40+ days;   6.2 70% SLES continuous production period reaches over 3 months;   6.3 AOS continuous production period reaches 25+ days;   6.4 Easy sulfonator calibration: First start-up flow deviation is able to reach ±1.5%. The thickness of replacing gaskets are from 1.8~2.2mm (standard thickness is 2mm). Top level products quality and extended sulfonator washing interval can be ensured.   6.5 Yield flexibility: LABSA capacity adjustment range 55%~115% 70% SLES capacity adjustment range 80%~140%
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WEIXIAN is an engineering company specialized in supplying turnkey sulphonation/sulphation plant and it's technology, focusing on the R&D of LABSA, SLES, SLS, AOS, HABSA, MES and other anionic surfactant production technologies.
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