• Weixian's Neutralization and Dioxane Stripping Process
    Weixian's Neutralization and Dioxane Stripping Process Mar 08, 2023
    WEI XIAN's neutralization and dioxane stripping unit is to mix reaction material in neutralization reaction pump or mixer fully with 10 times SLES reflux. The temperature rise is controlled at about 5℃,then SLES go to stripping tower and disperse in it,at the same time,evaporating the moisture and degassing under -0.09—-0.095mpa vacuum condition. It can achieves neutralization、cooling、dioxane stripping and degassing together, and it overcomes the high temperature rise、poor PH stability and high power consumption of the vacuum neutralization technology. It can produce SLES with low dioxane content(lower than 10ppm)under higher SO3 concentration(3%)and lower free oil content(1.2%),what is called:low power consumption、low unit consumption and low dioxane content. WEIXIAN’s neutralization and dioxane stripping technology can also used for neutralize AOS and SLS. We can supply turnkey project, seperate unit, revamping of old sulphonation plants.

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