• The Advantage Between WEIXIAN's and Italian Sulfonator
    The Advantage Between WEIXIAN's and Italian Sulfonator May 26, 2023
      1. The sealing type of compression nut on reactor tube sheet 1:  increasing one V type Teflon gasket and Fluororubber O ring to isolate the leakage of SO3 and organic acid, so that no rust or leakage happen. The reliability is better than Italy reactor.(as below photo No.1 and 2) 2. The No.3 of photo change to flat Teflon gasket(Italy is two way gasket): This will bring better seal performance and can reduce 50% force to tube sheet 1, so that the transformation would greatly reduced and the organic material would not leak into reactor tube. The reactor washing times and operation period is highly improved.   3. Compared with Italian reactor, the thickness of WEIXIAN tube sheet 1/2/3 is 16% more and organic material chamber is 25% higher, that can make the transformation of tube sheet close to zero and distribution of organic material becomes more equal, this makes big capacity reactor be possible.   4. The welding point between reactor tube and distributor move up to avoid reaction segment and change from butt welding to fillet welding, so that there is no welding joint in reactor tube inside, compared with Italy reactor, WEIXIAN will not have leakage in this part, the reliability improved greatly.   5. The size and angle optimation of reactor tube, distributor and nozzle, make sure the organic material pressure drop 13% more when passing through gap , so the self balance performance is improved accordingly compared with Italy reactor, especially for α-olefin sulfonation.   6. The special manufacture process of reactor tube (without polishing) ,that can make sure the rough degree of tube inside and outside and each tube are highly consistency( Ra0.4), so the dioxane content will significantly superior to Italy’s when produce SLES.   7. One Fluororubber O ring and three Teflon gaskets were adopted between shell side and tube side of tube sheet 3, so WEIXIAN reactor will never leakage, and the cooling water can recycle under 0.5mpa pressure(pressure test is under 0.6mpa)   8. The material of reactor tube, distributor and nozzle are all booked from Bao steel (The biggest and best steel factory in china) and we ordered at least 5 tons one batch, so that the material source can traceable and the quality can be guaranteed.   9. WEIXIAN engineer will full time supervise the testing and assemble of reactor and its components. That will guarantee the fabrication and manufacturing quality.   Equipment Link:  

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