Aging Vessel
Aging Vessel
Aging Vessel
Aging Vessel
Aging Vessel

Aging Vessel

Unlike the former rotating type with an agitator, ours is a static type, which is featured in more homogeneous aging effect with no back-mixing.

By adopting a special inner structure, each material molecular in the static aging vessel will have equal residence time (staying time). On the contrary, the residence time of each molecular in a rotating aging vessel is uneven, which shows a normal distribution. Our aging time is adjustable from 0-60 minutes by controlling the liquid level in the vessel. Normally, the aging time is set to be 30 minutes; when a higher active matter percentage is required, for example, 97.5% - 98% LABSA, the aging time can be set to 45 - 60 minutes. Besides the performance, power consumption and maintenance requirements are reduced due to the nature of static equipment.

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