SO₂/SO₃ converter
  • Unit 01 Sulfur Burning and SO₂/SO₃ Conversion
    Liquid sulfur goes to the sulfur burner by precise measurement and fully combusts with dry air to generate SO₂; after cooling, SO₂ gas goes to the converter and convert to SO₃ by vanadium catalyst. After cooling, SO₃ gas goes to sulphonation/sulfation unit; SO₂ and SO₃ gas are cooled by cooling air through tube type heat exchanger; after heat exchanging, the hot air generated in this process is collected and goes to waste heat recovery unit to produce steam and hot water; the secondary hot air will be used for silica gel regeneration and scrubber wastewater evaporation & crystallization in Unit 38.    Features: SO₂ cooler adopts inlet end insulation protection and floating type design, which avoids intergranular corrosion of stainless steel above 600℃, thus the working life can be extended twice as before. By combining the start-up pre-heater and waste heat recovery unit, when preheating the converter, the steam produced also can be used for sulfur melting and generating hot water, so that WEIXIAN plants don't require any external steam.
  • SO₂/SO₃ Converter
    The conversion tower adopts vertical SS304 stainless steel packed structure with a temperature resistance of 700°C.   It is featured in stable conversion rate, flexible operation and temperature control, and maintenance-free. Four-layer packed tower, each layer is filled with V₂O₅ catalyst, which is a combination of low-temperature and medium-temperature catalysts, which can not only maintain the advantage of low light-off temperature but also ensure a conversion rate greater than 98%. This feature greatly improves the start-up preheating efficiency and shortens the preheating time.   There are corresponding thermometer interfaces on the top and bottom of each bed to precisely control the temperature and ensure the conversion efficiency. Each bed has a manhole for on-site catalyst loading.
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