SO₂/SO₃ Converter
SO₂/SO₃ Converter
SO₂/SO₃ Converter
SO₂/SO₃ Converter
SO₂/SO₃ Converter

SO₂/SO₃ Converter

The conversion tower adopts vertical SS304 stainless steel packed structure with a temperature resistance of 700°C.


It is featured in stable conversion rate, flexible operation and temperature control, and maintenance-free. Four-layer packed tower, each layer is filled with V₂O₅ catalyst, which is a combination of low-temperature and medium-temperature catalysts, which can not only maintain the advantage of low light-off temperature but also ensure a conversion rate greater than 98%. This feature greatly improves the start-up preheating efficiency and shortens the preheating time.


There are corresponding thermometer interfaces on the top and bottom of each bed to precisely control the temperature and ensure the conversion efficiency. Each bed has a manhole for on-site catalyst loading.

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